Interior design

Interior design is an extremely complex multidisciplinary process whose goal is to improve the user’s living space. The process begins by establishing the client’s needs and desires, surveying the current situation and defining the positive and negative characteristics of the space. Based on these findings, the designer prepares sketches with which he presents his conceptual design to the client.  After agreeing with the conceptual design, the development, or the detailed design, continues in the form of 3D visualizations, technical drawings and selecting the necessary materials and equipment. Such a complex process requires extensive experience, which Renova max trade d.o.o. has been acquiring for many years by realizing outstanding design projects of public, commercial and private buildings. The basic work principle is based on the individual approach whose goal is to achieve quality, functionality and esthetic standards.

What do you get by using our services?

  • Time savings
  • Quality
  • Estimate and optimization of costs

Our work provides you with:

  • The smallest time expenditure
  • Discretion and close collaboration with the project manager ∙ Less stress and wasted energy
  • Less stress and wasted energy