Roofing works

The best roof is made out of quality materials and by experienced workers.

We specialize in the construction of new roofs and renovation of old roofs that require additional construction and sheet metal works.

When it comes to roof construction, we always pay special attention when choosing the materials and details. A quality roof transforms a house into a safe home for decades to come. Investing in a quality roof is also one of the smartest investments you can make. The installation of quality materials, that come with a long-term warranty, ensures that you have a roof that will last for 30 years, and in many cases for more than 50 years.

In practice we often deal with the reconstruction of roofs which are often no more than 10 years old. The reason for the reconstruction of such new roofs is mostly due to bad materials, which deteriorate quickly or are not sufficiently resistant to weather such as wind, rain, hail, snow, frost, sun or sudden changes in temperature. There is often a high percentage of roof sag and leakage, and sometimes even collapse due to the low-quality execution of the roof’s substructure.

The result of that is a more expensive roof in the long-run, as opposed to a high-quality roof.  Therefore, it is important to avoid low quality materials, regardless of the roof system type.

From the design phase to the final execution, we offer you our support and advise you what is best for your needs. This is important, because when choosing roof materials it is necessary to consider multiple parameters, such as the static roof load capacity, insulating properties, the esthetics of the final roof covering, shape and color, manufacturer’s warranty and prices.

Investing in quality is always better in the long run.

The roof systems that we install are roof tiles, graphite plates and zinc metal sheets. The thermal insulation systems that we use correspond to low-energy requirements. For insulation we use mineral and rock wool, which have excellent thermal properties, last a very long time and are fire resistant.