Interior furnishing and installation

Our service includes consultation, design and installation of household, commercial and tourist appliances. We provide a service to the client which involves the implementation of quality and comprehensive solutions for equipping the interior space with quality, functional furniture, lighting fixtures, decor, ceramic tiles, bathroom fittings and sanitary equipment, with the goal of creating a pleasing and functional interior space. We do not follow world trends, we create them. Our product designer team is recognized at a global level, which is evidenced by the Red Dot award for 2019.

Apart from the esthetics, we pay close attention to the functionality, ecology, ergonomics, architectural logic and everyday practicality. Lighting, decors and visual harmony are adjusted for each specific interior space and client’s needs. We provide the services of pre-design, design, custom projects, building consultancy, implementation of appropriate changes with the goal of adapting existing interior spaces into new, more optimal and higher quality solutions.