External render works

One of the most common ways of meeting requirements for energy saving and heat protection of external walls is to use a connected system for external heat insulation.

The energy efficiency in construction is one of the fastest growing activities in construction, therefore we are focusing our maximum attention on that sector. Good insulation saves you from using excessive amounts of energy for heating, which in turn saves you money and helps save the environment.

The installation of insulation, or thermal facades, involves the mounting of polystyrene panels, rock and mineral wool. The facade finish depends on the client’s wishes and can include painting or application of acrylic, silicate, silicone and mineral plasters.

The renovation of classical plaster facades involves, if necessary, the removal of old layers and the installation of new insulation and plastering.

The renovation of old facades, which are decorated with stuccoes and ornaments, is carried out by making a mold of the existing parts in silicone or rubber in order to preserve the authentic look of the original facade. Parts can be made out of gypsum or plaster, depending on the original construction.

Stone facades, or facades made from faux stone, are new age facades which give a natural look and are more acceptable price wise than natural stone, which also requires more time to install. They are more resilient to weathering and there is a large selection of shapes and colors at your disposal, which allows you to adjust the design to your tastes.

Aluminum facades are made from prefabricated aluminum panels with polystyrene heat insulation already integrated. These types of facades are long lasting, simple to install and maintain. They are also resilient to weathering and have good fire-resistant properties. We make wooden facades from wooden prefabricated panels in accordance with the client’s wishes.