Dry construction

Materials: Gypsum – cardboard panels, fiber – cement panels and similar

Constructions: Lowered ceilings, partition walls and wall cladding

Dry construction is a term used for the internal decoration of a space, which is based on the use of industrial prefabricated construction systems. The main feature of dry construction is the use of gypsum – cardboard panels which allow for a fast, secure and high-quality decoration of interior spaces.

We mostly use gypsum plasterboards for partition walls, wall cladding, lowered ceilings and attics, as well as floors and decorative elements.

These materials have good fire-resistant properties and they also provide good sound insulation. They are also able to withstand high mechanical loads and are moisture resistant. Due to their simple treatment they allow for greater freedom when designing a space.

Dry construction provides a number of advantages. Gypsum construction material completely changes the usual forms, functions and elements of interior design. From dilatation systems to substructure elements, the choices are endless.

Quality dry construction doesn’t require any additional drying time, which significantly reduces the construction deadlines for all types of buildings compared to traditional construction methods. For high-quality construction and best results, we use Knauf, Saint-Gobain Rigips and Lafarge dry construction systems.