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The development of the website was cofinanced as part of the Operational program Competitiveness and Cohesion from the European structural and investment funds 2014.-2020.

Project name:  Through design and interior decoration towards an enriched life.

Short description of the project:

RENOVA MAX TRADE d.o.o. consists of experts who know how to transform design into a practical solution. It is special because it serves as a bridge between the client’s wishes and visions, design and its implementation.

In order to ensure the strengthening of our market position and increased competitiveness, we apply quality marketing solutions. With this project we have ensured website development.

The goal and expected result of the project:

The goal is to have a representative website. The expected result is increased competitiveness on the EU market.

Total value of the project: 180,000,00 HRK

Amount cofinanced by the EU: 100.000,00 HRK

Project implementation period: from 28/ 01/ 2019 to 27/ 01/ 2022

Contact person for more information: Morana Barbara Lučić,  GSM +385 (0)99 366 9 366)

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